About Us/Services

Who We Are - Welcome to Pippy where we sell vintage reproduction dresses and provide a photo link on our home page to our Etsy store, www.etsy.com/shop/pippyschoice, selling vintage fashion & jewelry, handcrafted jewelry, mid century modern furnishings and more.

We pride ourselves on service and you can reach out to us with questions.  CONTACT US - at thepippyco@gmail.com It is our pleasure to serve you. 

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PINTEREST - https://www.pinterest.com/PippysChoice/

FACEBOOK- https://www.facebook.com/ThePippyCo 

TWITTER- https://twitter.com/HeidiCStylist


Returns- we simply cannot accept returns or refunds on any orders but we can exchange any purchase for a credit for ANY dress, if a dress in unavailable or you change your mind.  We pride ourselves on offering absolute accurate measurements and details with each listing. Please make sure you tell us what style, size and color of dress that you want by emailing us at thepippyco@gmail.com

If your dress is in shipping transition to you from date of purchase and you change your mind for a different style, we have to charge you a 25% restocking fee on the item that you are returning within 30 days of your original purchase. 

Stop Staring dresses are very popular and sell out fast. We suggest that you order the current season (each listing has the season in which is was last released) Older styles may not be available anymore. We suggest that you email us in advance to see if the older styles are still available. Since there are so many styles of dresses, it is impossible for us to stock them and this is why we sell them via pre order.   

****TO AVOID ANY OF THIS, PLEASE, reach out to us with any questions if needed at thepippyco@gmail.com before your order. It is our pleasure to serve you.

Layaway - see this link  - http://pippy.co/pages/layaway   

Combined Shipping - see this link - http://pippy.co/pages/shipping

Sizing Tips - to select your size, use the measurement that fits the largest part of your body.  For example, lets say you are purchasing a dress and your chest has the largest measurement. Make sure you order a dress size that will accommodate that part of your body and if needed, alter the rest of your dress.  For swing style dresses, normally the hips are "free" so you can measure just your chest and waist. If you are not sure how to measure yourself, the following chart should help.


Custom Jewelry -  We create custom pieces for you.  If you would like custom jewelry, email us at thepippyco@gmail.com with necklace, bracelet or earring drop measurements along with color stones, pearls, crystals or other materials of your choice. We lay it out, take a photo for your approval and once approved, get payment. Once your design is complete, it ships to you.