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Pippy Kicked Off Spring at Chicago's Vintage Garage Sale

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A 6' table of $10- $25 MCM furnishings, $10 per item rack of clothing, a car littered with $10 hats a top it, bins of $10 bags, $5 miscellaneous items and a big IKEA bag full of $1 scarves were hits of the day at Chicago's Vintage Garage Sale today by Pippy. Missed out?  Don't worry. The next Vintage Garage Sale kicks off in Chicago on Sunday, May 17th.  What will Pippy bring to this show?  FABULOUS Mid Century formal dresses, Vegas "Rat Pack" style dresses, Mid Century Modern Furnishings, Jewelry, Hats and Bags all under $50 !!!  See you...

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In Studio Appointments Now Available on Discounted Vintage, Resale and Jewelry

art deco artisan boho bridal bulk discounts disco flapper handcrafted hippie in studio appointments inexpensive vintage jewelry mad men new listings new styles resale retro upcycled vintage wholesale is now expanding their line of products to not only include vintage fashion, but handcrafted jewelry, upcycled fashion and art. Soon, we will be adding fine resale! Our cup runneth over and we need to make room!  We have close to 1,000 items to move. Starting January 25, 2015, Pippy will be accepting in studio appointments for parties interested in scraping up these deals. Don't be fooled by our website - There are only about 10% of stock listed AND these are the most expensive pieces, plus were are going to discount many but simply have not had...

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Vintage now available to purchase in bulk or wholesale discount

80's art deco boho bridal bulk discounts disco flapper mad men new listings new styles retro vintage wholesale will be adding much more vintage in the next month! Great news for everyone. You can purchase pieces individually or you can purchase in bulk at discounts. Just look at any listing within the "Vintage" collections from the home page for instructions.

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