Stop Staring Pre Orders Very Popular at Pippy April 29 2014

Another summer season of pre planning has proven successful at Pippy.  More and more customers are realizing it is in their best interest to plan ahead. Why? Because times have changed and many vendors simply do not over stock their warehouses anymore. They simply cannot produce huge quantities of items and "hope"
that they sell.  Just in time inventory methods are being used.  It is not uncommon for Stop Staring customers to purchase several  dresses each season for their careers or other occasions because they are familiar with how popular they are.  Bridal parties too can pre plan in advance.

This is why Pippy offers pre orders. We put the new styles of Stop Staring dresses out very early before each season, giving our customers the options to plan ahead. We even offer layaway. With layaway, our customers can give us a deposit to place their order, since inventory comes out of the designers warehouse on a First Come, First Serve basis. Our customers then basically just pay their balance before their dresses ship. 

To give incentive to plan in advance, we also offer multiple dress discounts. On a monthly basis, I have customers inquiring about dresses.  Sometimes unfortunately, I cannot get them the dresses that they want because they are out of stock and no longer being produced. Or, if they are scheduled to go back in reproduction, the customer may have to wait SEVERAL months. Usually a customer learns this lesson the hard way when they want a specific dress for a specific occasion and find out they cannot get the exact dress that they desire. With our Pre Order option, this eliminates these issues. Even if customers need a dress months down the line, they can be assured that they will get the exact dress(es) they desire by pre ordering in advance. It's really a win-win for everyone.


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