Another Happy Customer July 07 2017

I would like to thank you for processing my order on time for my event. I loved the dresses and am very satisfied with your customer care.

Jasmin R

2016 Fall Winter Stop Staring Pre Orders Now Available August 16 2016

2016 Fall Winter Stop Staring Vintage Dresses for Pre Orders Now Available

Here at Pippy, we pride ourselves on getting our customers the newest styles of Stop Staring dress styles as soon as they are available for the next season, via pre order.

It's simple. Just go to and scroll through the listings and look for "Fall/Winter 2016" in the title. If you have any specific questions, simply email us at and purchase your choices. Keep in mind, especially for international orders outside the USA, that we do combine shipping. Many of our customers order a few or handful at time so that they only have to pay one shipping charge.

Older Styles: We will be happy to inquire on availability for older styles too. Just make sure you give us the color, style and size (or URL link for that specific dress) along with a date that you need it by, if urgent.

Pippy Kicked Off Spring at Chicago's Vintage Garage Sale April 19 2015

A 6' table of $10- $25 MCM furnishings, $10 per item rack of clothing, a car littered with $10 hats a top it, bins of $10 bags, $5 miscellaneous items and a big IKEA bag full of $1 scarves were hits of the day at Chicago's Vintage Garage Sale today by Pippy.

Missed out?  Don't worry. The next Vintage Garage Sale kicks off in Chicago on Sunday, May 17th.  What will Pippy bring to this show?  FABULOUS Mid Century formal dresses, Vegas "Rat Pack" style dresses, Mid Century Modern Furnishings, Jewelry, Hats and Bags all under $50 !!!  See you there.

All Details about the next Vintage Garage Sale are here -

See news coverage here  -

In Studio Appointments Now Available on Discounted Vintage, Resale and Jewelry January 27 2015 is now expanding their line of products to not only include vintage fashion, but handcrafted jewelry, upcycled fashion and art. Soon, we will be adding fine resale!

Our cup runneth over and we need to make room!  We have close to 1,000 items to move. Starting January 25, 2015, Pippy will be accepting in studio appointments for parties interested in scraping up these deals. Don't be fooled by our website - There are only about 10% of stock listed AND these are the most expensive pieces, plus were are going to discount many but simply have not had the time to do so yet.

Ninety percent aren't even listed!!!!! How much are the prices you ask? Anywhere from $5 - $50 for MOST! That's right. And, if you purchase in bulk, you can earn even more discounts. Yes, I know, I know. Much isn't listed yet. We hope to have much more listed in the next few weeks. This is why we are offering in studio appointments. You can view everything in person all at once.

To make your appointment at our studio in Milwaukee, email us at If you cannot make it to our studio, email us and tell us what items you are interested in. The best way to do this is to click on the items of choice and copy and paste the URL into your message to be sure we are both talking about the same items.

The new year always brings new beginnings. Start yours by shopping with Pippy!.


Vintage now available to purchase in bulk or wholesale discount November 08 2014 will be adding much more vintage in the next month!

Great news for everyone. You can purchase pieces individually or you can purchase in bulk at discounts. Just look at any listing within the "Vintage" collections from the home page for instructions.

NEW Fall Stop Staring! Styles Now Available for Pre Order May 07 2014

We are in the process of listing the new fall 2014 Stop Staring dresses.  

Click on "Catalog" and then click on "Classic Stop Staring!" to view and place your orders.  


Stop Staring Pre Orders Very Popular at Pippy April 29 2014

Another summer season of pre planning has proven successful at Pippy.  More and more customers are realizing it is in their best interest to plan ahead. Why? Because times have changed and many vendors simply do not over stock their warehouses anymore. They simply cannot produce huge quantities of items and "hope"
that they sell.  Just in time inventory methods are being used.  It is not uncommon for Stop Staring customers to purchase several  dresses each season for their careers or other occasions because they are familiar with how popular they are.  Bridal parties too can pre plan in advance.

This is why Pippy offers pre orders. We put the new styles of Stop Staring dresses out very early before each season, giving our customers the options to plan ahead. We even offer layaway. With layaway, our customers can give us a deposit to place their order, since inventory comes out of the designers warehouse on a First Come, First Serve basis. Our customers then basically just pay their balance before their dresses ship. 

To give incentive to plan in advance, we also offer multiple dress discounts. On a monthly basis, I have customers inquiring about dresses.  Sometimes unfortunately, I cannot get them the dresses that they want because they are out of stock and no longer being produced. Or, if they are scheduled to go back in reproduction, the customer may have to wait SEVERAL months. Usually a customer learns this lesson the hard way when they want a specific dress for a specific occasion and find out they cannot get the exact dress that they desire. With our Pre Order option, this eliminates these issues. Even if customers need a dress months down the line, they can be assured that they will get the exact dress(es) they desire by pre ordering in advance. It's really a win-win for everyone.


OFFERS - Layaway, Discounts, Free Shipping and our Referral Program information can be found on our offers tab on our home page.